How do I wash my snugpups coat?

Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, inside out, with like colors. Do Not Bleach. Avoid fabric softeners. Tumble dry low or air dry. Drying should be done with coat inside out. If coat becomes wet or damp from outdoor use, dry coat inside out lying flat. When ironing Snugpups products always place a towel between the iron surface and the Snugpups product. Do not apply direct heat to any of the Snugpups products.

What are the benefits of a Snugpups coat?

  • Machine Washable
  • Double layer fleece
  • Easy on/off over the head
  • Velcro Strap that attaches around the middle
  • No fiddling with your dogs’ legs
  • Lightweight dog coats
  • Warm dog coats
  • So comfortable your dogs will love wearing them inside or out
  • Great gifts!

How should I properly use and clean my Snugpups Cooling Coat?

  • Before placing coat or bandana on your pet, simply thoroughly wet in cold water and wring out.
  • If you and/or your pet are outside on very hot days for an extended period, you will need to wet the coat again, wring it out and put back on your pet.
  • After use, simply rinse, wring out and store in a plastic bag or container to keep the fabric supple.
  • If coat dries completely it will become stiff like cardboard. This is OK!  Just re-hydrate in water and it will be ready again for use.
  • If the cooling coat gets soiled, you can hand wash in a mild soap or laundry detergent without fabric softener to eliminate grime and odors.
  • DO NOT leave your pet unattended in any coat on warm/hot days.