Leashes & Leads

All leashes are hand made in Northern California. The rope is manufactured at a climbing rope facility, and then hand knotted and sewn for extra durability. The assembly is completed with a Metolius locking carabiner and shipped to your home ready for your pup to go adventuring!

Snugpups purchases our leashes and collars from Wolfpack Supply.


We offer a lifetime warranty on the leashes as long as you use the leash like you would use any other leash! As all of us dog owners know, a dog can chew though anything they put their mind to, so as long as you’re not giving the leash to your dog as a chew toy, we can guarantee it’ll last forever. Any leash that shows obvious signs they’ve been left alone chewing on the leash we cannot cover as it clearly does not fall within the normal use intention stated above!

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