Crazy Pet Love

The pets of the 21st century have it made. And why shouldn’t they. It’s about time our animals got the overindulgent love they’ve deserved since we humans decided to ask dogs to fetch everything from our newspapers to the birds we callously pop out of the sky. Today’s pet parents have become just that…moms and dads to our dogs, our cats, our reptiles, and even our rodents.

When I started our dog coat company, I assumed I would be dressing dogs in cute, comfy, warm coats. Period.  I guess I also assumed I would only be selling things to women with little dogs. I could not have been more wrong. I don’t remember even dogs wearing clothing when I was a kid *** years ago.  Now I custom make coats for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, lambs, goats and lizards. Yes! Lizards.
Wally Iguana in coat


It used to be unheard of to see a big, tough-looking guy with a chihuahua, but today it’s become commonplace. Watching the crowd stroll past, and into our booth at events, has become my new favorite activity. Last week a greying, gruff, bearded guy in an Indiana Jones hat walked over to our table of multi-colored fleece coats and proceeded to flip through them in search of the perfect match for the tiny dachshund peering out from the sling bag attached to his “dad’s” hip. After 30 minutes of laboring over patterns and trying the dog coats on his adorable doxie, the man happily settled on the perfect tan navajo for his best friend.

Now, you might ask if, or why this dog needs a coat. But even assuming that the dog gets very cold, that’s not really the point here. The dog looked genuinely thrilled to be trying on his new digs. It was the love and attention from his dad that mattered. Let me remind you that he was carefully scooped from the cozy sling on his dad’s hip before he was fussed over and repeatedly asked which style coat he liked best. This little guy felt special…loved.

Today’s pet owners are making themselves feel better by spoiling their dog, cat, lizard, bunny, snake, guinea pig…while said animals are quietly steadfastly supporting their owners/parents with their loyalty, adoration and eyes loaded with love and appreciation like their owners never got from their human children.

As my eyes scan the throngs of pet lovers with their dogs and cats either in strollers or baby slings, one thing shines through clearly…I’ve never seen, or met happier people or animals. One stout jolly guy strolled down the center of the aisle of pet lovers with his tail-wagging yellow lab draped around his neck, legs hanging across his chest. This was NOT a puppy! The dog had to weigh a good 50 lbs.

I have always been a bit of a purist when it comes to things being au naturel, especially when it involves animals, but I have to admit it, my horizons have broadened. When I spotted the first little fluffy dog dyed a shocking shade of neon pink and orange, I was horrified. But I mustered up the courage, vowed to myself to bite my opinionated tongue and went up to talk to the doggie. No joke, this might have been the happiest dog I’ve ever met. After the owner promised me that she used natural dyes made from beet juice and carrot juice, I felt even better. This neon fluff muffin proceeded to wiggle, bounce, wag and twirl like she was the “belle of the ball.” I swear she was proud of her fancy hairdo and loved every ounce of the attention it brought her.

In conclusion, it’s clear to me that if pet parents want to dress up, carry, coddle or dye their dogs, cats, chickens, lizards, etc… they should go for it, because all these animals want is love and attention.


Lambs in coats

Happy pets and their happy humans.  I LOVE them all!

Wag On and Walk Warm,




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